Sunday, January 17, 2010

Wireless network problem in WS2008

If you are using WS2008 with your wireless network card or you are using WS2008 on a laptop, you might face a problem that after installing properly the driver of the wireless device WS2008 still couldn’t find any wireless networks.

This is not a bug but a simple issue i.e by default WS2008 doesn’t install the wireless LAN service so you have to install it manually to make your wireless card running.

At first i also got a bit frustrated as to why my wireless network is not working but soon i found out this solution, it was not so direct so i thought to share the solution with you all so that others having the same problem might feel easy to configure it.

Just go to the features section in the server manager and click on “Add Feature” then select “Wireless LAN Service”

After installing the wireless LAN Service your wireless device would start finding the networks.


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