Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Silverlight 3 RIA Services :- Cannot resolve symbol web

If you are using RIA Services with Silverlight and facing the problem that Web part or the server part of the project is not getting recognized on the client side or the Silverlight side, then one probable and main cause is that you are using Resharper and if that’s the case then the below solution will help you tackle this problem.

Before applying this solution do check that RIA Services is installed on your machine because if its not installed then the cause of this problem would be RIA Services itself is not present on the machine.But if it’s installed and you are still facing the same problem then here goes the solution.

  • Just go to your solution and in the client project or the Silverlight project click on the “Show all files” icon

  • You will notice a Generated_Code folder inside the Silverlight project

  • Right click on the Generated_Code folder and select the include in project option

  • As soon as you include the Generated_Code folder in your project the problem you were facing will be removed.
  • This will also remove one other problem, if you use both Expression Blend and Visual Studio for the development then you might have observed if you have opened a file inside the visual studio and expression blend simultaneously if you build your solution in Visual Studio then it asks to overwrite files inside the generated_code folder, if you include this generated_code folder inside the project then this problem will also be removed.
  • One important thing to keep in mind is never try to modify files inside this folder as they are generated dynamically the above workaround is simply to solve issues that come across the development to quick and ease things.

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Colin Blair said...

Two other things to keep in mind:
1) Resharper 5 is supposed to fix this problem
2) In additional to not modifying the generated files also make sure you don't add them to source control.

Sandy Rachman said...


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