Monday, December 08, 2008

SytleCop For Resharper 4.1 Updated and a new Release is out...Wow!!!

StyleCop for Resharper is a Resharper4.1 plugin which allows Microsoft Style Cop to be run as we type and generates real time syntax highlighting of violations
    1. If you don't know what Resharper is visit this page
    2. If you don't know what Microsoft Style Cop is visit this link
    3. To download StyleCop For Resharper visit this link

Guys do check out this it will help you write cleaner code which is in accordance with specified standards.

According to me Resharper and Style Cop are must have's for a .net developer to code smartly and efficiently.

More on this in upcoming posts......

Happy Programming!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Great Post ... I have a question .. with CTRL-+K+D to reformat code .... is there any way to contro HOW VS formats the code (CSS, etc.) ... I prefer single line .Styles but VS insists on multi-line

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