Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Want to transfer your post:- From Blogger to Blogger,Blogger to Wordpress,LiveJournal to Blogger,Blogger To Windows Live Spaces all in all almost every blog.

If you want to transfer your posts from one blogging platform to another and are facing problems , then Paul Cooley has a very good application which he calls "Blog2Blog" which can do this for you very easily.

I have myself tested it for my blogger to blogger transfer and it works just fine.

Also in blogger i was unable to find a safe way to transfer all the posts or selected posts to another blogger account.

But with this tool you can achieve the same easily.

You can download the tool from here:-


Instructions for using the tool

  • Just Click the setup.exe and install the application.
  • Once installed it will open up an interface like this

  • In select source select the blogging platform from which you want to import the posts.
  • Enter your username and password source-URL ex. http://smallworkarounds.blogspot.com.
  • Then for the source-API-URL especially in blogger if you are using old blogger then the defaults which will be coming will work.
  • But if you are on new blogger then you have to open your blog on the home page and do the view source.
  • In view source you can locate and entry which says "service.post" and there will be a link after that as shown below.

  • Just copy and paste that link to the source-API-URL and this is it your source is set up.
  • Remember that this trick is for new blogger only.
  • Once completed with all the above things just press fetch.

  • After fetching is completed just repeat the same steps for your destination blog also.
  • Once you are done with your destination blog then just click publish.
  • And thats all you will see all the posts being published to your new blog.

Thanks! for this great tool by "Paul Cooley"



Web Master said...

I'm failed to transfer from wordpress to blogger. It said Exception: bla..bla..bla

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