Friday, November 21, 2008

Visual Studio is missing default templates

If your Visual Studio either VS2005 or VS2008 is missing some default tempates, or whenever you want to add any new item and click add new item you are surprise to find that either your add new WebForm is missing or any other similar item is missing from the add new item list then your templates defaults are corrupted due to some reasons or latest updates or patches or any other software which you have recently installed.


So the workaround to this problem is:-

  1. Just go to the Visual Studio command prompt.
  2. Close all opened instances of Visual Studio
  3. Run this command devenv/installvstemplates on Visual Studio Command Prompt.
  4. And thats it all your templates will be set to defaults.


Anonymous said...

Is there a way to add missing templates to Visual Studio Express, e.g., the template for creating services?

Ashish Kumar said...

By Visual Studio Express if you mean Visual Web Developer then yes you can do it but you have to use VWDExpress /installvstemplates instead of devenv /installvstemplates.
Remember that VWD Express also installs a devenv.exe file and a VWDExpress.exe file so don't get confused.
For further information refer to this post

Might this be of some help.
If still you have some problem feel free to ask.
Small Workarounds

Unknown said...

I recently installed Visual Web Developer. Began following the Creating a Basic Web Page in Visual Developer walkthrough. Most of the templates were not there. There were only installed templates for ADO.NET Data Service, AJAX-enabled WCF Service, Dynamic Data Field, SQL Server Database, Text File, XML File. Is this a defect in the Visual Studio 2008 documentation or the product? The documentation has a picture with about 33 templates most of which are missing: Web Form (the one I needed to complete the exercise) AJAX Client Behavior, AJAX Master Page, Browser File, Crystal Report, Report Wizard and dozens more.

Michel LAPLANE said...

Thank you very much.
The report wizard of VS2008 suddenly disappear. After hours of troubleshooting trial i don't succeed. By chance i've found your post and
you really save my life with this workaround.
Many thank's again.

chanda said...

if i type commandprompt devenv on visual studio2008
but it doesn't appear template in visua;studio2008

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