Saturday, November 01, 2008

Live Activity Feed,Tag Cloud For your Blog on Blogger

If you always wanted to have a live activity feed for your blog on blogger then you must check out cool widgets from WowZio

Just Say Create my widget now.

On the creation page enter your feed url or simply your blog url.It will automatically get posts from your Blog and then just click create my widgets.

It will create many widgets for you but my favourite are Live Activity Feed and Tag Cloud.


I am using same widgets in my Blogger blog also.

The integration is very easy there is a link called add to blogger whenever you choose a widget.


Anonymous said...

widget which is very interesting .. but how to install on my blog? not be invited by the developer .. I have been trying to send email to [email protected] but until now there is no news. Do you have a solution?

Ashish Kumar said...

When i wrote this post they were not having this invite system,but recently I checked and now they have this invite system in place.
So now its according to luck you can try and can't do much to get the widget.
They say,they hand out 25 invites everyday, so if your email is in those 25 then you will get the code for the widget.

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem.The widgets are amazing but I cant get them , i sent invite to them with the URL of my site but I got no answer yet.I really want that widgets !

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