Thursday, November 27, 2008

Google Calendar Sync for Windows Server 2003:-Install Google Calendar Sync on your Windows Server 2003 Systems

If you use Microsoft Outlook as a Desktop Client and want to synchronize your Google Calendar then you need to download and install Google Calendar Sync which can be downloaded here.

How to install this on Windows XP and Vista can be found here on this link

But if you are running Windows Server 2003 then this installer will fail and give an error stating that this can only be installed on Windows XP and Windows Vista operating Systems.


  1. So the solution of this problem is just download a tool by microsoft called Application Verifier.
  2. Install this tool and just go to File ->Add Application.
  3. Now add the Google Calendar Sync.exe to this and just fool the installer to think that it is going to install on Windows XP system.
  4. How to do this is explained here in this article remember it shows the workaround for Photoshop CS3 but you have to open the Google calendar Sync file.

Just copy the below as same given in the above article -   

Major Version --- 5

Minor Version---- 1

Build Number ---  2600

Service Pack Major -- 2

Service Pack Minor -- 1

Now just click save and run the Google Calendar Sync.exe

Now it will just work fine.

If you are getting an error saying that daylight timezone have not been updated either install that update from the link provided and if you are unable to download from there download it from the below link for Windows Server 2003


I have not tested it for Windows Server 2008.Anyone who tested this trick please do leave a comment telling that is it working or not in WS2008.


Anonymous said...

Worked like a charm on Server 2003, Thanks!

Brian said...

Amazing!!! Works perfectly! How do you figure this stuff out?

Anonymous said...

Thank You!!!

Anonymous said...

Perfect :)

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