Friday, October 24, 2008

Windows Live Writer Important Shortcuts

Few important shortcuts which can make you more productive using Windows Live Writer

  1. Ctrl + F11 for normal view, no styling information is applied while you are writing your blog entry
  2. Shift + F11 this is the Html Mode, here you can edit the Html contents of your posts and just do any manipulations in the HTML or do any inline styling to you post
  3. F11 If you want to writer your blog with all the styling information about the blog in your background while writing.
  4. F12 To see the web preview of the post once you write it, this shows how your post will look after publishing.
  5. Ctrl + L to insert an image either from web or from your desktop
  6. Ctrl + K Insert Hyperlinks
  7. Ctrl + Shift + V is the shortcut to Paste Special Command what it does is if you copy the content from somewhere else it can remove the styling information from the original content and yet preserving all the image and link tags,its thus really powerful
  8. F7 is to check spelling on the post.


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Richard Minerich said...

Oh thank you so much for writing this. I was about to ditch WLW because I couldn't figure out how to get out of the "Styling" mode.

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