Friday, October 24, 2008

Share Point Series:- Basic Sharepoint Installations And Configurations Part1

This is the first article in the series of Sharepoint articles, a lot of stuff will be coming in next few months.

Here in this first article i will just talk about simple steps to follow to install Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007 on Windows Server 2003.

It will refer MOSS 2007 to Sharepoint Server from now on.

It should be made clear in early phase of this article series that Sharepoint Server can only be installed on Windows Server Installations it cant be installed on Windows XP and Windows Vista Installations.

Installing Sharepoint Server

  1. Just follow this useful link already present on MSDN to install Sharepoint Server.I will not rewrite the whole thing but i will discuss where ever required and some problems i faced and their solutions.
  3. As satated at last in the above article when the installation finishes than you have to click next and then it will ask you for the configurations,so you can just click next and start the configurations.
  4. If you install the standalone install with all basic settings it basically performs 10 diffrent basic configuration tasks and these tasks may take time so be patient.
  5. If everythings goes on smoothly after sometime it will say configuration completed successfully.
  6. Now at this stage we are ready to test our first sharepoint site.     
  7. If this is the scenario with your system than probably you might be running something else on your port 80 such as your Source Controls Server Such as SVN or Source Vault.
  8. So first you have to stop those or configure them on another port to work in synchronization with Sharepoint Server.
  9. If you are using SVN than you just have to stop the Default running apache server which is uses by default and configures it to use port 80.
  10. Make sure if you have made the default install of Sharepoint Server than no other thing is running on port 80 or your default Sharepoint website will not run.


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