Friday, October 24, 2008

Internet Explorer always ask for password for my Sharepoint this causing havoc

  1. Although When you install Sharepoint it by default configures all the settings to be used with Internet Explorer, but sometimes it may happen that when you installed sharepoint server at that time you were having IE6 or some other version and now you want to switch to some other version.
  2. Now when you install this new version every setting made by Sharepoint is gone  and if you open your sharepoint website in the browser it always asks for the credentials
  3. So what you have to do is follow these simple steps to again configure Sharepoint Sites to run smoothly with you IE browser
  5. Now in Internet Options go to Local Intranet and make the security lever for this zone to low
  6. Then click on the sites tab




Now click on the advanced tab


Here in advanced settings make sure that you sharepoint site is included,and if not than just write the url of your site and press add and then close and then press OK



Now you sharepoint site should work fine in IE7 or others

If you still have some queries than do leave a comment.

There is also another article on how to configure and install sharepoint


Bob Nelson said...

This works for IE7 with XP, but not with Vista. Any guidance for Vista users?


Anonymous said...

Tried this with IE8 but unsuccessful. Any attempt to login takes users straight to 401 error page.

Have tried setting SharePoint as a Trusted site (its internal) with Auto login with username & password but still no luck. Anonymouse pages are fine. Same in MOSS 2007 and WSS 3.0.

Have even tried the BackConnectionHostNames reg hack from MS.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot,great help!

Unknown said...

is it possible to set a password for internet explorer using xp but NOT using the guest pasword

Anonymous said...

Hi All,

This is Guruswamy Jetti. I have done the following changes on IE8 , Vista sp2 but it didn't solved the proble. Please let me know any one have the solution.
Thanks in Advance,

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