Monday, September 29, 2008

Installing Intel X3100 Graphics Driver on Toshiba Sattellite M200 Laptops having WS2003 as Operating Sytem


Those of you who are having trouble in installing X3100 Graphics Driver on Toshiba Satellite M200 and similar laptops in that series, the problem is that the driver that toshiba people have on their site is old version and it works only on Windows XPSP2 and later OS,it does not work on Windows Server 2003 OS.

So the solution is just download the Graphics Driver for Windows XP for Dell Inspiron 1525.

These dell people have latest  driver and it install very smoothly on Windows Server 2003.

If this also is not working for you than you can add setup.exe in the application verifier and do the proceeding as given in this post.


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