Thursday, August 28, 2008

http://localhost is being redirected to

Hi today i met an ackward situation when i was trying to run my localhost by running http://localhost but to my surprise it redirected me to

This was only happening when i was trying running my localhost while i was connected to the internet. domain is registered to Matthew Seidl and have an ip address of so if you will ping it will ping to this address.

So after doing a lot of research i found out the reason for this culprit.

The most important point was that if you have bychance enabled IPV6 support in Windows XP then please uninstall it as it is doing all the redirection.

If this doesnot works then do check the host entry in your C:/Windows/System32/Drivers/etc folder it must have localhost being mapped to and none other if there is some other entry please delete.


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