Sunday, August 10, 2008

Downloading Windows Live Writer 2008 and installing it

Friends today i was trying to install Windows Live Writer to write and to my surprise it was not at all an easy task with my 256kbs connection.

But finally i achieved success so i thought to share this with you all who are facing problems.

Googling around i found these two very good posts which contains all the information about your installation problems.

This link contains all things which you need to install Windows Live Writer 2008. But in the end that guy also just cancelled the online installer and installed the beta.

The beta version will not work now and show that beta has expired if you escape that screen and say continue to that you can do the work but if you have at least 256Kbps connection then you can continue with the web installer.

The installer will first ask you about what all Windows Live Componets you want to intall.

Then you can choose Sign in assistant, Windows Live Writer,Windows Mail,etc...........

And now the installation will begin.

First it will take about 10-20 minutes for doing what i dont know.

After that the installation will begin, i observed my firewall and found that it is downloading some 100MB material i dont know what from the net for 4 products i have installed they are signin account manager,Windows Live Messagner, Windows Live Writer and windows Mail.

So dont cancel the installation let it download the files and it will install them autmatically.

All this i have tested myself and it works.


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Here are few direct download links:

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