Friday, August 29, 2008

Object Reference not set instance of an object error while creating new silverlight application using Silverlight2 beta 2

Yesterday i was facing problems and got the error saying object reference not set instance of object problem.

I think the problem is of skip packages

So the common workaround is to start visual studio using the devenv /resetskippkgs

And if this also doesnot work for you then here is a very good post to help you do have a look at that.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

http://localhost is being redirected to

Hi today i met an ackward situation when i was trying to run my localhost by running http://localhost but to my surprise it redirected me to

This was only happening when i was trying running my localhost while i was connected to the internet. domain is registered to Matthew Seidl and have an ip address of so if you will ping it will ping to this address.

So after doing a lot of research i found out the reason for this culprit.

The most important point was that if you have bychance enabled IPV6 support in Windows XP then please uninstall it as it is doing all the redirection.

If this doesnot works then do check the host entry in your C:/Windows/System32/Drivers/etc folder it must have localhost being mapped to and none other if there is some other entry please delete.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Download Windows Update Agent 5.8.02469

Hi if you are a person who does not update your windows regularly you might get an error when installing windows live products such as Windows Mail or Windows Live Writer or any other windows live products.

If this error says you to download Windows update Agent 5.8.02469 or later,So the best solution is to turn on Automatic Windows Update on, but sometimes for average users windows update install some crap things which an average user does not know,so the best possible workaround which i found out after googling is download the update from this link and

After downloading this your Windows Live Softwares will start installing normally but remember windows live software which you might have downloaded may be a web downloader so if this error is removed and still your software takes time to get installed then let it be because it might be downloading some stuffs from the internet.

Also there is quite a lot of information on this link

Downloading Windows Live Writer 2008 and installing it

Friends today i was trying to install Windows Live Writer to write and to my surprise it was not at all an easy task with my 256kbs connection.

But finally i achieved success so i thought to share this with you all who are facing problems.

Googling around i found these two very good posts which contains all the information about your installation problems.

This link contains all things which you need to install Windows Live Writer 2008. But in the end that guy also just cancelled the online installer and installed the beta.

The beta version will not work now and show that beta has expired if you escape that screen and say continue to that you can do the work but if you have at least 256Kbps connection then you can continue with the web installer.

The installer will first ask you about what all Windows Live Componets you want to intall.

Then you can choose Sign in assistant, Windows Live Writer,Windows Mail,etc...........

And now the installation will begin.

First it will take about 10-20 minutes for doing what i dont know.

After that the installation will begin, i observed my firewall and found that it is downloading some 100MB material i dont know what from the net for 4 products i have installed they are signin account manager,Windows Live Messagner, Windows Live Writer and windows Mail.

So dont cancel the installation let it download the files and it will install them autmatically.

All this i have tested myself and it works.

Friday, August 08, 2008


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